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Hurricane Preparedness

Jupiter Reef Club Condominium Owners' Association

Jupiter Reef Club Owners,

The Jupiter Reef Club is preparing for and closely monitoring hurricane Dorian. Currently hurricane Dorian is predicted to make landfall in Florida on Monday as a dangerous category four hurricane and all necessary preparations are being made to protect the property. Tropical storm force winds may begin as early as Saturday evening.

Please be advised, the Jupiter Reef Club is located in a mandatory evacuation area. In the event a hurricane warning is issued, the Jupiter Reef Club will be required to close in response to a mandatory evacuation order from Palm Beach County Emergency Management.  Check in for week number 35 on Saturday, August 31st will likely not be possible. Every effort will be made to reopen and resume normal operations as quickly as possible. A hurricane is an extremely dangerous weather event that should not be taken lightly. Forecasts can change favorably or unfavorably, so be sure to check reliable news and weather information sources. Please click here to view Palm Beach County's Hurricane Guide.

The seawall contractors began preparing Tuesday. Walker Contracting Group is working to secure the seawall to the best of their ability. All material is being secured. The engineer has approved a protective pour of concrete to be temporarily placed on the top of the North corner in an effort to prevent soil saturation from wave over-topping.   

There is no way to predict the extent of damage the Jupiter Reef Club may incur as a result of Hurricane Dorian. All owners and staff hope the damage will be minimal and normal operations will resume as soon as the storm has passed. This cannot be guaranteed or expected. There may be damage to critical infrastructure such as electricity, roads, water, and so on. I will follow up with an additional update as soon as the storm has passed.

Thank you for your understanding,

Amanda E. Farajian, LCAM
Jupiter Reef Club Condominium Owners Association, Inc.
1600 S. A1A
Jupiter, FL 33477
(561) 747 - 7788