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Jupiter Reef Club Update

Jupiter Reef Club Condominium Owners' Association

Greetings Owners,

I hope you had a wonderful Summer. It certainly has been bustling at the Jupiter Reef Club. The association continues to enhance the value of the property through projects that are never too small to ensure the success of the timeshare concept.Please be advised the Seawall construction is contracted and scheduled to take place from weeks 44 to week 19. Click here to view the seawall construction notice. Cutcher & Associates’ Coastal Engineer is taking all steps necessary to ensure a timely start date in November is reached.  This project has been planned since 2015 and I am thankful to be apart of the greatest enhancement the property has ever seen. 

General Improvements

Shower heads are being upgraded and receiving great reviews from owners. Several owners have liked the new 8-inch stainless-steel high-pressure shower heads so much they asked where they can purchase one for their own home! Light fixtures under the kitchen cabinets are being replaced with LED lights. The dining room light fixtures are also being replaced as necessary. 


Three units have recently received upgraded washer and dryers. This upgrade will continue as the life of each existing washer/dryer is expended.The second story E units have received new rope lighting on the stairs for added safety.

As necessary units' living room telivisons are being upgraded to larger smart T.V.’s. Guests can now easily stream Netflix or on demand channels with a push of a button. Any units' television can accommodate a Roku streaming stick to provide you the ability to access Netflix. A Roku is available to check out in the office and our friendly staff is happy to assist you in setting it up in your unit.

This September all 12 storm drains have been cleared out using a professional vactor sewer cleaner combined with high-pressure water jetting. Clearing the storm drains is part of routine maintenance to be completed at least every five years to keep extra water off the patio. This summer the tiles on the Spa bench began deteriorating To address this issue, the spa was drained, the old tile removed, and new tile installed in August. The Spa now looks as good as new and I encourage you to test it out on your next visit.

New carts are now available located under the stairs of unit E14 and E20 to assist in easy unloading. These carts are larger, easier to manuver, and made of rust resistant plastic. I expect these carts to receive a lot of use, especially for our owners who transition to different units to stay multiple weeks. Please remember if you need assistance with your luggage do not hesitate to ask, our staff is always happy to assist.


The webcam is a cherished Jupiter Reef Club staple viewed by owners and prospective renters around the world. The web cam is now hosted by You Tube. This change provides a higher frame rate and will reduce the cost of web hosting. View the live webcam here.

Beach chair rentals

Forty-eight sets of beach chairs have been rented this fiscal year. Rather than a money maker these chairs are offered to our owners at a rate to cover their expense. The beach chairs have been upgraded to larger chairs that includes a pillow.

Wave Activity

Our thoughts are with owners impacted by Hurricane Florence. Thankfully, the Jupiter Reef Club has been spared this Hurricane season. When Hurricane Florence passed by she did deliver large waves that were quick to spill over the top of the seawall.

Hurricane Irma Insurance Claim

I understand many owners have questions regarding the status of our roof damage and it is imperative to keep the property in good condition for the prosperity of the association. Please click here to read the letter from JoAnn Rother, the president of the board emailed to all owners in June. Roof replacement has been deemed necessary. The board and I are currently working with a property casualty law attorney in a united effort for recovery. Construction experts have visited the property to prepare to advocate on the association’s behalf. The roofing experts recommended a reasonable reimbursable temporary roof repair on all five buildings and the gazebo. This repair is expected to be completed by the end of this week.



2018 Maintenance and taxes are 93% collected as of August 31st, 2018. A late fee of $25 per unit/week has been applied to all delinquent accounts. A total of $4,400 in late fees have been billed. Pursuant to 721.13(6)(a) Florida Statute any owner who has not yet paid their 2018 assessments will be denied use of the facilities until they satisfy the amount due in full. In an additional attempt to recover maintenance lockout accounts are optimized for rental income to offset bad debt.

Association Owned Unit/Week Resales

The units are selling! In May the board of directors voted to list the association owned unit/weeks for public sale. As of the first quarter of our fiscal year 10 weeks have closed and we are happy to welcome 10 new owners. 18 additional JRC owned weeks are sale pending. Click here to view the remaining available association owned unit/weeks for resale.

Occupancy: May-August 2018


We pride ourselves in providing fantastic accommodations and always ensuring guest satisfaction is excellent. The Jupiter Reef Club has a strong five-star rating on Trip Advisor. Maintaining a positive online presence contributes to increased resales and rentals. Here are some of the positive remark’s guests have been kind enough to post recently:

I am thankful to have such an amazing staff that without these reviews would not be possible. I hope these improvements resonate with what matters most to you. As always, I am only an email away if you have any questions or concerns.



Amanda E. Farajian

Jupiter Reef Club

Resort Manager