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Covid-19 Closure Status & Seawall Progress

Jupiter Reef Club Condominium Owners' Association

Jupiter Reef Club Owners,

Another week of the COVID19 closure is behind us and we are preparing to reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. Palm Beach County has continued the State of Emergency until May 15th. Click here to view the declaration. Given the current State of Emergency, the Jupiter Reef Club remains temporarily closed. JRC is planning to reopen May 15th for week number 20 with the caveat the State of Emergency will soon be lifted. Palm Beach County beaches will tentatively reopen on Monday, May 18th.

Structuring the Jupiter Reef Club’s reopening will be done with safety measures in place to maintain a virus-free environment. Social distancing will be available with spacing provided between patio seating. Upon arrival, you will be able to rest assured knowing your unit has been thoroughly disinfected. Further information regarding special accommodations to prevent the spread of the virus will be provided to you upon check-in.

We can concretely say the Seawall construction is progressing! Two concrete pours occurred this week in section two of the main seawall as indicated on the map below.


We are grateful the coastal conditions have begun to cooperate. The below photos and video of the progress this week reflects the forward momentum. JRC expects the contractor to continue the pace to complete the seawall as soon as possible.

Please be advised while the construction progress is picking up pace, seawall construction may be ongoing during your next JRC visit. Upon completion of the main seawall, the North parking lot seawall followed by the South parking lot seawall will be under construction. The parking lot seawalls are each about one fourth the size of the main seawall. As parking lot seawall construction is not dependent upon cooperative coastal conditions the work is expected to progress in a reasonable time frame.

Thank you for your prompt response to the annual fees May 1st billing. Click here to view your account balance and pay online (a fee will apply for all credit card payments). You are welcome to call the office with any questions or concerns.

Additional updates regarding the plan to reopen will be forthcoming. Please stay safe and we will look forward to welcoming you back soon.  

Thank you for being a valued Jupiter Reef Club owner,