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Seawall Update

Jupiter Reef Club Condominium Owners' Association

Jupiter Reef Club Owners,

The major reconstruction of the seawall is continuing to progress to achieve enhanced structural stability and longevity. Approximately 40’ of both the south and north return walls have been cut, removed, excavated, and steel rods installed. Thursday, February 28th the first concrete pour took place for the new return wall caps. Concurrently, eastward construction has been well underway. The existing cement top cap has been removed and excavated. The new steel sheet pile toe wall is now being installed during low tide.  See below for a video of the work from this month. 

At the start of the eastward steel sheet installation large stone like masses, deteriorated steel beams, and debris were discovered. This excessive debris, estimated at over 100 tons, was required to be removed. Some of the pieces have been as large as 5 to 6 yards in size. To the contractor’s astonishment an even greater number of additional portions of concrete, coquina stone, and rubble was unearthed when sheets began to be installed on the north side. The removal and disposal of this material provided a notable setback.

These unanticipated circumstances have contributed to necessary extension of the seawall project completion date. The project that commenced in December 2018 is now slated for completion at the end of June 2019 dependent on weather and ocean conditions.

Please be advised that construction activity will be ongoing through week number 25. 

All owners understanding and patience during this phase is greatly appreciated. Throughout the remaining duration of the project all amenities will remain open. All parking spaces are being assigned to residing JRC owners and guests only. Daily parking for visitors and non-residing owners is not available. The association will continue to work with the contractor and engineer to ensure the diligent pursuit of successful seawall project completion.   



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