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Summer Briefing

Jupiter Reef Club Condominium Owners' Association

Jupiter Reef Club Owners,

I hope this update finds you well. Foremost I would like to thank association owners for timely payment of the 2019 maintenance and taxes. The Jupiter Reef Club’s superior collection rate truly reflects the immense satisfaction of association owners who look forward to their weekly vacation in paradise each year.

The seawall project is currently ongoing. The Jupiter Reef Club seawall is the single barrier of coastal defense between the Association and the Atlantic Ocean. The Seawall has been engineered to withstand our extreme coastal environment. The atypical coastal construction necessary to execute the design is understandably taking some time. The video below shows the most recent construction progress:

The contractor acknowledges that time is of the essence and the design of the wall will not be sacrificed to shorten the construction time. The graphic below provides a synopsis of the seawall design levels:

Due to Seaturtle nesting season, all equipment and heavy machinery was required to be removed from the beach. This required a change in the construction methodology. The new estimated month of completion is November. 

As of today, 150’ of the South East toe wall and stem wall have been completed. The installation of the top cap on the South East corner is ongoing and the progress from the upper patio deck can be viewed live on the webcam. The upper patio deck and far North and South sides of the property remain closed. Construction work takes place Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. Every effort is being made to continue to provide an unobstructed beach vacation experience.  All amenities are open. Thank you to all owner’s patience throughout all construction projects. Every effort will continue to be made to ensure each visit to the Jupiter Reef Club is nothing less than perfect.  

On February 19th, 2019 the Board of Directors unanimously voted to proceed with the permitting and design phase for seawall replacement of the North and South parking lot walls. The permit application has been submitted and is currently being processed. Funding for the restoration of the parking lot seawalls was included in the regular reserve funding this fiscal year. Once the CCCL permit is issued from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection it will be valid for three years.

The South Parking lot is closed due to the seawall construction. We currently have twenty-seven remaining parking spaces. Each unit is always provided one parking space. All parking spaces are reserved for weekly residing guest only. With thirty-one units, we have been required to rent additional parking spaces in the neighboring condominium; Jupiter Ocean and Racquet Club. We are grateful for the opportunity to rent parking spaces from JORC. Upon check-in for your week a parking space will be assigned to you based on the proximity to your unit. Please notify the front desk If you require a handicap parking space. 

Parking spaces rented from the Jupiter Ocean & Raquet Club are assigned to Jupiter Reef Club residing weekly guests. Your vehicle must be registered with JRC upon check in and a parking permit is required. 

Please remember, when visiting the property for the day we ask that you be courteous to the residing weekly guests and avoid illegally taking an reserved parking space by parking off property. The towing policy has been strictly enforced and the last thing we want to do is tow your vehicle.

The white powdered coated aluminum fence was required to be removed during the demolition phase of the seawall project. The board voted to replace the fence with an innovative stainless-steel cable rail system.  This new rail will be custom fabricated by Sterling Steel Fabrications. The design goal of the new low-profile railing is to provide safety of our upper patio with the illusion of invisibility to enhance the un-paralleled ocean views. 

The Jupiter Reef Club Board of Directors have continued their efforts of upward momentum for the association by planning the permitting and design of a new beach access stairway. The beach access stairs will be constructed on the South end of the property next to unit A3 and D4. Once a permit is issued the stairway will be constructed in accordance with local building codes.

Roof replacement has been deemed necessary.  The board of directors and I are proceeding to contract and schedule and Aluminum roof system replacement. Regular reserve funding can be allocated, and a special assessment will not be required. On July 8th, 2019 the board of directors unanimously voted on a .040 aluminum mechanical standing seam roof replacement system with a Pacific Blue Kynar coating. All owners will again be notified as soon as roof replacement is scheduled. 

As an oceanfront resort preventative maintenance and repairs are constantly required. Sarbellio, our maintenance man always takes great pride in each task he completes. Some of the most recent projects that have been completed:

  • Repainting yellow safety striping in the parking lot and patio steps
  • C31 lighting upgrades

  • Sanding and rust removal on entry door locks
  • West side retaining wall stripped and painted 
  • Gazebo painted, and new fan installed
  • Masonry repair of veneer stone siding 

  • Front office painted a new color called "Blue Angel"

High season ended week number sixteen and we are now half way through our “mid” season. The seawall project has not impacted rentals. The projected $140,000 in budgeted for rental commissions in the 2018-2019 fiscal year was surpassed by approximately 30%. All renters are continuing to be notified of construction activity.

We are always happy to have owners occupy their weeks, but if you are unable to do so we are grateful for the opportunity to manage the vacation rental on your behalf. If you are an owner who has not been successful in renting your unit during mid or low season, please consider renting your week at a reduced rate or offering it for rental for a partial week. Never hesitate to contact the front desk with any questions regarding the rental of your unit. The front desk team, Max and Diane, can be emailed at: frontdesk@jupiterreefclub.org We are always stiving to make the current fiscial years rentals even higher than the last.

A support chat feature has been added to the website to assist with bookings. To chat live with the front desk staff navigate to the home page of the website and click the chat icon on the bottom right. 

The occupancy ratio of owners to renters varies weekly and seasonally. Below depecits the occupancy status for the 2019 calendar year through week number twenty-eight.

Although the sales department is a separate entity, the market for Jupiter Reef Club resales is a critical measurement of overall association economic health. Debbra Cates and Kim Street, Real Estate Associates with Odgen Resort Developments, stay busy. A sales agent is available on site seven days a week in the afternoon. Approximately 55 unit/weeks were resold in the 2018-2019 fiscal year. This represents a healthy timeshare turn over rate of 3.5%. This 2019-2020 fiscal year is continuing to be a success with 16 unit/weeks currently sale pending and 122 listings! Click here to view all unit/weeks available for sale. Please contact the sales team for more information.


The peaceful intimate atmosphere at the Jupiter Reef Club is greatly valued. To preserve this luxury of privacy, in March 2019 the President of the Board appointed a security committee to provide thoughtful solutions to overcrowding.  Please click here to view the March 2019 newsletter from the Security committee that addresses the recreational use of the facilities for non-residing unit owners. All owners have the right to daily use of the pool, hot tub, gas grills, and gazebo.The added privacy this second layer of security has generated, increases the value of Jupiter Reef Club ownership while preserving the right of owners daily use of the amenities.

The pool restrooms are now equipped with a pin pad lock. The restroom pin code will be provided to you upon check in. 

Thank you for taking a moment out of your day to get caught up on association business. I hope to continue to preserve the timesharing concept and provide lasting value to the association. Please never hesitate to contact me with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.


Amanda E. Farajian, LCAM
Jupiter Reef Club Condominium Owners Association, Inc.
1600 S. A1A
Jupiter, FL 33477
(561) 747 - 7788