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June Update

Jupiter Reef Club Condominium Owners' Association

Greetings Jupiter Reef Club Owners,

I hope this update finds you well, and even when you are far from the Jupiter Reef Club you can reflect about your home away from home. Since the last update, the association has been working to enhance your timeshare experience by executing essential maintenance and interior refurbishment projects as outlined below.

Association Business

May 1st was the start of the new fiscal year. Charges for the 2018 operating, ad valorem, and seawall replacement special assessment were applied to all unit/weeks and statements were mailed and emailed to all owners on 5/1/18. Due to the increase in bank fees from accepting credit cards for maintenance payments the fee to pay with a credit card has been increased from $10 per unit/week to $15 per unit/week. The credit card fees on each transaction averages approximately 2%. 


Exciting news about the seawall. The seawall replacement project is moving along as planned. Please click here to visit the associations seawall page for more information. The seawall construction is contracted to begin on November 1st, 2018 and construction is estimated to last 120 days. During this time parking will be impacted and parking permits will not be issued to daily visitors. Thank you for your understanding. 

Association Owned Units

In February 2018 a listing of fifty-eight Association owned unit/weeks was mailed and emailed to all owners. The Jupiter Reef Club Owners Portal was updated with a list of all unit/weeks and a worksheet to purchase can now be downloaded on the Owners Portal. The thirty new association owned unit/weeks were first offered exclusively to owners on a first come first serve basis for a sixty-day period. On May 24th the board of directors unanimously voted to list all association owned unit/weeks for public sale. We are happy to welcome new owners to the Jupiter Reef Club. 
Please click here to view the full listing of association owned unit/weeks. 
All unit/weeks available for resale are listed on the associations sales page http://www.jupiterreefclub.org/main/sales .


The Jupiter Reef Club has an extremely active rental program. The graph below outlines the rental history from January 2015 to June 2018.


The two full time maintenance men; Sarbellio and Lawrence, have been following assigned structured maintenance tasks. These tasks are small, but focusing on the details reduces the need for more costly projects in the long term. The cabinet to the chemical feeders in the pool equipment area has been rebuilt. This cabinet protects the costly chemical feeders from the elements. New pool and spa signs have been added. Gate latches to the pool equipment area, maintenance shed, and unit E19 have been replaced and coated with a rust preventative. The coping on the inside edge of the pool is routinely scrubbed. Recently cracking on the coping in the shallow end was patched and all coping was painted. The exterior edge of the pool and spa are currently being painted. The bench in front of the office, beach gate, beach access bench, and hand rail has been painted. The grill ignitors are being upgraded as necessary.

Leaving the doors open with the air conditioning running low is common practice with renters and children who visit during the summer months. To combat this issue a new upgraded programable thermostat was installed in C30. This thermostat will stay set to auto and has a minimum temperature featured enabled to increase the longevity of the air conditioning. 

Wi-Fi Upgrade

Nearly all Jupiter Reef Club owners and renters utilize our wireless network it is of the utmost importance to have speedy and strong internet connectivity. All outdated routers have been replaced with new Ubiquiti UniFi access points. Our previous Wi-Fi network was separate for each individual unit and there was a notable lag when roaming the property. The new access points allow for seamless connectivity, faster speeder, and greater security.


Umbrellas are an integral part of the poolside and patio. Eighteen new umbrellas have been added to the patio and twelve more solid colored umbrellas are on the way. The new umbrellas feature a twist to tilt pole to replace the previous push button tilt umbrellas. The button to tilt the old umbrellas was the first part to fail and the new twist to tilt mechanism should provide an extended life to the umbrellas that receive heavy amounts of use.

Since the large waves that were routinely splashing over the fence have calmed down, six yards of white marble rock has been added on the far east side of the property. The previous landscaping rock was washed away during the storms. New sod has been laid on the south edge of the property near the C units. Our maintenance staff are fertilizing the palms and bushes every three months. The palm tree next to the pool and the palm tree in the grill area are in critical condition. There is a likely hood that these palms may not recover and will need to be replaced. Hulett, the environmental landscaping pest control company, has recommended we give the palm trees a few more weeks to show signs of life prior to replacement. Future maintenance projects to include, painting the exterior of all buildings, resurfacing imperfections in the cement sidewalks, and additional landscaping is planned to continually improve the property.

Due to hazardous erosion the beach access gate has been closed.

The current sand level on north end of the property is much higher. Many owners are requesting a beach gate be added on the south end and this will certainly be kept in mind when the white fence is replaced after the new seawall is constructed.


The interior living room transformation has been completed (for now) with new queen size Flex Steel sleeper sofas and new television stands. The previous sleeper sofas well outlived their life. Feedback has been positive, and owners who have slept on the pull-out couch were happy to announce the bar under the mattress cannot be felt through the mattress and it is very comfortable for sleeping as well as lounging. 

All thirty-one sofas that were replaced were donated to Habit for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is a fantastic nonprofit that assist those in need by providing them a better life through offering quality housing.

The bedrooms and bathrooms did not get missed and have also had some coordinating decorative touches added. The dated wall mounted hair dryers have been removed and replaced with a lighted magnifying makeup mirror. New Revlon hair dryers are now discreetly placed under the sink. The makeup mirrors have been a huge hit. The bathroom also received a pop of color with bright tissue boxes and soap dishes.



Jupiter Reef Club owners often provide insight into the usefulness of the units and all owners comments are reviewed and considered. A recent recommendation by an owner is being implemented. Updated power strips with USB ports are being attached inside the drawer of the all new TV consoles. The new TV consoles also function as desk with a fold out secretary style drawer. This will provide a convenient charging station for all owner’s electronic devices.

 Dish towel bars have been mounted in the B unit kitchens. Just in the past month three degraded ceiling fans, four towel shelves, and three vanity light fixtures have been replaced. In April a new stackable washer/dryer was installed in D10. The washers electronic panel was unrepairable, and the washer would no longer drain. We pride ourselves in keeping all unit's appliances well maintained and cleaned. Any appliance that is less than perfect will be replaced with one of good quality to match our owner's impeccable standards and taste. 

Thank you for taking a moment out of your day to get caught up on association business. I hope to continue to preserve the timesharing concept and provide lasting value to the association. Please never hesitate to contact me with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.


   Amanda E. Farajian

Jupiter Reef Club Association Manager

(561) 747-7788