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Notice of Annual Members Meeting

Jupiter Reef Club Condominium Owners' Association

Greetings Jupiter Reef Club Owners,

Friday, March 9th, 2018 an important packet of association information was mailed to you.
This packet includes:

  • 1. Second Notice of the Annual Members Meeting
  • 2. Proxy to complete if you are unable to attend the meeting in person
  • 3. Ballot for the election of 4 Board of Directors
  • 4. Candidate Information Sheets
  • 5. Proposed Annual Budget for the 2018-2019 Fiscal Year
  • 6. Notice of Budget Meeting

Please Click Here to View the Complete Packet


The Annual Members meeting may only take place if a quorum exists. Please carefully complete the proxy and return it as soon as possible. To complete the proxy you must fill in all of your unit number(s) and week(s) owned. For your proxy to count, your signatures must be legible or print your name below your signature. Mail the proxy in the small return envelope provided. The proxy must be mailed separately from your ballot.

Election of Board of Directors

Four positions are open for the Board of Directors. Those who are elected will serve two-year terms beginning April 10th, 2018. Please review the candidate sheets and select four. Seal your ballot in the provided ballot envelope and mail the ballot envelope in the return envelope provided. List all unit weeks owned on your return envelope and sign the bottom right corner.

The following candidates are running to fill four positions on the Jupiter Reef Club Board of Directors. The candidates’ information sheets can be viewed online by clicking their name below.

Vincent (Vinny) Augello

Neil J. Brazitis Sr.

Nunzio DeFeo

Brian Kincaid

John P. Kuharenko


May 1, 2018 – April 30, 2019 Proposed Annual Budget

The proposed annual budget is also included for your review. Please note a 5.5% increase in the total maintenance fee and seawall replacement special assessment is anticipated.



Jupiter Reef Club Condominium Owners Association

1600 S. A1A

Jupiter, FL 33477

(561) 747-7788