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Hurricane Insurance Claim Update

Jupiter Reef Club Condominium Owners' Association

Dear Jupiter Reef Club Owners,

As the president of the association’s board of directors I would like to provide you with an important update regarding the status of our roof and insurance claim. Many of you remember on September 10th, 2017 the Jupiter Reef Club was in the path of a category 4 hurricane. Thankfully, the predicted possibility of storm surge up to 20 feet did not come to fruition and the grounds maintained well overall. The roof sustained the most serious damage. Many roof tiles were broken and lifted off all five buildings and the gazebo. The “A” building had the most extensive roof damage and almost all tiles on the north eastern eave were displaced by the wind.  An extremely durable water and wind resistant rubber roofing material has been installed by a very reputable roofing company to prevent any further damage. 

Immediately following the storm an insurance claim was filed with Rock Hill Property Insurance. Three qualified roofing contractors visited the property to evaluate the damage. All roofers informed us that repair would not be possible due in part to the fact that the existing cement composite tiles are no longer manufactured. Rock Hill ignored our claim for months and has delayed our claim to the farthest extent possible. Rock Hill finally issued a statement of loss in April and refused to provide a fair adjustment of our damages. In the best interest of all Jupiter Reef Club owners, the board of directors and I have engaged Kelly Kubiak of the Merlin Law Group on a contingency fee basis to assist in recovery.  We are working very closely with Ms. Kubiak.  I know the most important question on everyone’s mind is replacing the roof especially since it is hurricane season again.  Unfortunately, we cannot replace the roof until Ms. Kubiak has her experts on property to do a complete evaluation.  Certain legal milestones must be reached as well.  Ms. Kubiak has asked us to wait 60 to 90 days before we consider replacing the roof.  Rock Hill will be responsible for any ensuing damages until the roof is replaced.  

On behalf of the association, a lawsuit has been filed against Rock Hill Property Insurance. We expect to receive more information from the attorney in approximately sixty days. Once more information is made available to the board of directors and management an additional update will be provided to the owners with scheduled plans for roof replacement. 


JoAnn Rother

Jupiter Reef Club President

(561) 747-7788